The Roller Coaster Ride That is David Stebbins

David Stebbins is a comedy veteran who has incredible energy that takes over any room he performs at. He leaves it all on stage, and every performance is like a roller coaster ride and not for the faint of heart. This Saturday, we'll have David on our stage. We had a chance to catch up with him and learn a little bit about him (maybe a little too much). We've noticed you typically have very high energy performances. How do you maintain all that energy? False enthusiasm that morphs into authentic enthusiasm. I always start out not wanting to perform, but when I'm up there and lock into a great set or bad set, an authenticity emerges. Of course, I prefer to have great sets. But I don't mind ta

Grumpy Bartender Goes from Pouring Drinks to Serving Up the Funny

Orlando, comedy heavyweight Myke Herlihy sat down with us to share some insight on his comedy and life. This bartender-turned-comic has been lighting up the comedy scene and preparing to record his first CD this coming June. Here is what were were able to dig up from Myke. How tired are you of people spelling your name Mike? At this point, do you even correct them? Ha, I'm at the point where I'm going to start spelling it with an "i", but I just ordered 5,000 more business cards so it'll have to wait. We heard you were a bartender before you became a comedian. Did you practice on patrons? Yeah, it was actually my regulars who pushed me into pursuing stand-up. What made you decide to move on

5 Reasons EVERY South Florida Comic Needs to be part of Ultimate Miami Comedian Contest.

As a comic you hear about many comedy contests and most of the time they make you puke a little bit in your mouth. They have a reputation for using comics for secondary gain. I may not change your mind about comedy contests but here is 5 reasons why every comic in South Florida NEEDS to enter the Ultimate Miami Comedian contest. 1. It costs zero dollars to enter. Nada. Zero pesos. FREE. You literally have nothing to lose. 2. Which brings me to point two. If you win you get $5000 big ones. Buts that's not all second place gets $500 and third place gets $250. You even get a little something for making it to live show. Magic City makes it rain 💵. 3. It's where Magic City and Have-Nots Comedy s

Comedy in Miami is Booming! Another Sold Out Show with Devin Seibold.

Saturday night was a night to remember at Open Stage. Most people will remember from all the pain from laughing. Which has been proven scientifically to work your abs, so all everyone walked out with a 6 pack. The Master of Ceremonies Mr Luis Diaz was quick off his feet an chatted up audience members and unexpectedly decided to take the show to them and walked right in middle of audience only to realize that the mic has a cord and that he was too out of shape to climb on stage. A generous audience member helped him up. Next from DC came Petey Steele who was an absolute beast on stage. Nobody knew what to expect and he was a HUGE hit on the night. He will definitely be back soon for a show. T

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