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Saved by Dustin Diamond

This show took alot of planning but it was all worth it. My 12-year-old self couldn't have imagined having a show with Screech in a million years. So maybe this show was a little for me, but I did not see anybody complaining in audience. Dustin was a HUGE hit and has transitioned from TV star to seasoned, stand up comic.

Our host, Luis Diaz did was on point with his jokes and his bribery of audience with a bottle of wine. He should really quit his radio gig and do comedy full time.

Jessy Mendoza hit the Have-Nots Stage for the very first time and was a hit. Here she is giving a tribute to our headliner.

Next came our feature act, Myke Herlihy whose set was literally on fire.

Then came our headliner and man of the hour, Dustin Diamond, who was hilarious. He is definitely not the same guy we remember from Saved by the Bell, but we got some insight on how it is to live his life and not stay in jail. What a great performer and such a nice and humble guy. We would love to have him back again.

My favorite part of show is not on stage but to see everyone having a great time and enjoying the show I put together. This is why we do this and will continue to do this and make Miami a happier place.

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Until the next one!

- Dom

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