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5 Reasons EVERY South Florida Comic Needs to be part of Ultimate Miami Comedian Contest.

As a comic you hear about many comedy contests and most of the time they make you puke a little bit in your mouth. They have a reputation for using comics for secondary gain. I may not change your mind about comedy contests but here is 5 reasons why every comic in South Florida NEEDS to enter the Ultimate Miami Comedian contest. 

1. It costs zero dollars to enter. Nada. Zero pesos. FREE. You literally have nothing to lose. 

2. Which brings me to point two. If you win you get $5000 big ones. Buts that's not all second place gets $500 and third place gets $250. You even get a little something for making it to live show. Magic City makes it rain 💵. 

3. It's where Magic City and Have-Nots Comedy scouts for talent for their shows. If you bring it you will get booked. 

4. You will be on TV. The Beach Channel films a whole event from audition to final show. They do an amazing job and you get exposure and credit. Plus you get to perform alongside Carlos Mensia on finals. 

5. It's a fair contest. The winner is not determined because he knows the cousin of a friend of a judge who gives him contest. Nobody in comedy community judges show. Which is a good thing since there is no favoritism. The judges are working entertainment  professionals who in my opinion have gotten it right every year.  

I hope I have made some good points and if you are a comedian made you realize that if your going to enter any comedy contest this is the one. If I am you are not 100% happy with contest I will personally refund your entry fee. 

What are you waiting for??? Sign up here

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