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JB Ball was killing them slowly with his jokes,we got a suprise visit and we popped bottles.

Another great show last night with Tampa's own JB Ball. We had allot of first timers at show and they got to experience what we are all about. It's all about the fans and everything we do it's for YOU. 

Show started strong with the face of Have-Nots and host Luis Díaz. The man knows how to get a show started and get people exited about popping 🍾

Next came a Have-Nots favorite Jordan Garnett. Got to learn more about the infamous Cowboys tattoo and his sweet crib at his grandmas house. 

Finally the man of the night came out and did not disappoint. We were 😂😂😂 all night. 

We got a special visit from the crew from The Paul Castronovo Show. Awesome surprise. 

Want to be part of the fun? You never know what's going to happen at Have-Nots show and we have another one lined up soon. Be part of the fun and be par of our family. 

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