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One for the Books with Dean Napolitano

Sold out show and crowd was electric ⚡️

We did not have an open seat in the house but the people who had them were glad they did.  Reviews were raving and laughs were non stop. 

Show started with Jenn Hellman who proved she can not only make you laugh but can balance a spinner on her nose while holding a dog. 

We also had a special appearance by Julie Baez !

Our feature Jordan was on 🔥 and made lots of new fans. We are definitely have him back because YOU demanded it.  

 Finally the man of the hour came in and destroyed. Dean is one of the funniest comics in country and we were honored to have him on our stage. 

But let's be honest. The stars of the show was YOU. Here are some shots taken of you in action. 

Thanks to everyone who came out and made our show a great success. This is your show and love getting together and enjoying some laughs. 

Till Next one ✊🏻

- Dom

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