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Grumpy Bartender Goes from Pouring Drinks to Serving Up the Funny

Orlando, comedy heavyweight Myke Herlihy sat down with us to share some insight on his comedy and life. This bartender-turned-comic has been lighting up the comedy scene and preparing to record his first CD this coming June. Here is what were were able to dig up from Myke.

How tired are you of people spelling your name Mike? At this point, do you even correct them?

Ha, I'm at the point where I'm going to start spelling it with an "i", but I just ordered 5,000 more business cards so it'll have to wait.

We heard you were a bartender before you became a comedian. Did you practice on patrons?

Yeah, it was actually my regulars who pushed me into pursuing stand-up.

What made you decide to move on to comedy?

Bartending is an 8-10 hour shift of dealing with drunks. Comedy is a 45 minute shift of dealing with drunks. Seemed like an easy decision. Plus when they started making "Fruit-Loops" flavored vodka, I knew my days were numbered. A good vodka is supposed to be clear, odorless, tasteless. I was starting to become the grumpy old man behind the bar, and as a bartender, once you lose your likability, or even the WANT to be liked, it's a quick decline. Besides, the worst night I've ever had onstage is still better than the best night I've ever had behind the bar.

You've worked with comedy greats like Ralphie May, Louie Anderson and Tom Rhodes. What's the best comedy advice you have gotten from another comic?

Many comics have given me advice along the way, but I think something Christopher Titus said has really stuck with me. It was along the lines of, "Put as much of the real 'you' into your jokes, be specific, use details. If you write about your detailed, personal, experiences, you will never have to worry about having the same joke as someone else. Even if another comic has a similar experience, the key is in the details. Only you have your life. Write that."

Who is your current comedy spirit animal and why?

Definitely my kids. They're a ton of inspiration. Not just for what they do, but the way they look at life and question everything. When you're a kid, everything is black and white, no gray area. When you draw those hard lines, and apply them to a topic, it can make for great comedy.

What can comedy-goers expect to see at this Saturday's show?

I'm getting ready to record my first CD in June, so I'll be using all my shows up until then to help me select the material that goes on it, so they can expect a good amount of newer bits as well as some of my favorite routines.

We are very excited to see what Myke has in store for us this weekend and hope you can make it out.

Come out and see Myke live at Open Stage on April 15 tickets available here.


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