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Comedy in Miami is Booming! Another Sold Out Show with Devin Seibold.

Saturday night was a night to remember at Open Stage. Most people will remember from all the pain from laughing. Which has been proven scientifically to work your abs, so all everyone walked out with a 6 pack.

The Master of Ceremonies Mr Luis Diaz was quick off his feet an chatted up audience members and unexpectedly decided to take the show to them and walked right in middle of audience only to realize that the mic has a cord and that he was too out of shape to climb on stage. A generous audience member helped him up.

Next from DC came Petey Steele who was an absolute beast on stage. Nobody knew what to expect and he was a HUGE hit on the night. He will definitely be back soon for a show. The people have spoken and they love Petey.

While people were catching their breath Hennessy Williams came in and laughs came back rolling. He speaks from his life experiences and a great new comic who is on fire and making South Florida Comedy proud.

The man of the hour did not disappoint in his Have-Nots Comedy Debut. A true storyteller he had the audience in tears of laughter. From being a teacher to his stories from traveling he has relatable humor that everyone loved. We cant wait to have him back.

But as I always say the show is all about YOU. Without a doubt the real stars of the night was the audience we had last night. They are now all part of Have-Nots family and cant wait to see them again to share some laughs.

We had a special surprise at end of show....what was it? Sorry you had to be there. But we are all about giving people what they want and our surprised got their wish. Lets keep it a secret between us.

If you want to be part of fun click here and find out what we are all about. Till next time friends.

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