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Q&A With Daniel Franzese

1. You're most well-known for your portrayal of Damian, one of the most beloved characters in the Mean Girls movie. What effect did that movie have on you & your career?

My life has never been the same. People talk to me about that movie everyday.

It definitely stopped me from wearing the color pink anymore.

2. When did you decide to start doing stand-up comedy & what made you want to do it?

I always wanted to do stand up. Growing up, I watched nothing but stand up comedian LOS and I knew everybody’s sets. It wasn’t until I felt comfortable coming out of the closet that I felt okay to have a truly authentic voice. Now I can’t shut up.

3. If you had to pick between acting & stand-up comedy, which would you pick & why?

It’s all the same art in different mediums but comedy clubs usually have fries. Movies don’t come with fries.

4. What's your favorite Mean Girls line?

When Regina tells Cady she knows about Cady crushing on her ex, Aaron Samuels, and Cady gets nervous and replies, “What are you saying about?”

5. What can fans expect at your show?

A good time - I love to have fun.

6. Any other info you want to share with fans?

Follow me @whatsupdanny on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, farmersonly.Com, jdate,, Scruff and Venmo!

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