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Comic goes from zero to famous thanks to a Dallas Cowboys tattoo

Jordan Garnett is one of the hardest working comedians in South Florida and has climbed the ranks to become one of the most in demand comics today. He brings the funny whether he is in a half empty bar or a sold out theater, but he didn't always bring in the crowds. A Dallas Cowboys tattoo took him from zero to internet-famous pretty much overnight.

We had a chance to talk to Jordan and got to know him a little better before his show at Open Stage Club on March 18th.

1. When did you know that stand up comedy was what you wanted to do as a career?

I knew at 14 years old. It was either football or stand-up, but I'm only 5'8" so I knew stand up was it! I wrote my first bit at 14, although it's been perfected now. I still use it today!

2. Who are your biggest comedic influences and why?

The first comedian I saw growing up was Chris Rock. I love his storytelling & outlook style!

Jim Carrey - best physical comedic performances I've ever seen!

Dane Cook- great marketer, great energy, great performer.

Ramon Garcia- wouldn't be where I am without him. He's my best friend. GUIDANCE!

3. You got alot of publicity for getting a Cowboys Superbowl 51 champs tattoo (FYI - the Cowboys didn't even make it to the Superbowl that year). How has life changed since you got all that publicity?

To be honest, I went from 2k Instagram followers to 17k overnight. I have attracted clubs & people to me just off the tattoo. Crazy! But whatever works, ya know? See this "beauty" here.

4. Changing gears now, what are your thoughts on the stand up comedy scene in South Florida? Anybody we should be on the look out for?

I tend to play to my own beat. I've learned in this business you have to be careful who you trust. I have my few tight comedian friends, but be on the look out for anyone who has the guts to get on stage and try in this crazy business. They deserve some respect.

5. What's your favorite spot to perform at while you're in Miami?

Dom's Have Nots Club (Open Stage Club) is my absolute favorite place to perform in Miami. Not just saying that at all. They put on a professional, real show & have always believed in me. I love them.

You can catch Jordan opening up for JB Ball on March 18th. Click here to get your tickets!

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