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J.B. Ball talks comedy, threesomes, Miami people and...boy bands?

Meet J.B. Ball - he loves Disney movies, useless fun facts, playing sports and walks on the beach (this is how he picks up dates on Tinder). Oh, and no big deal - he was named Florida's Funniest Comedian in 2014 and has appeared on MTV, Comedy Central & Kevin Hart's show, "Hart of the City."

Here is an exclusive Have Nots Comedy interview with J.B.!

1. Tell us a little about yourself - where are you from? What got you into comedy?

What can I tell you about myself? I look like a dude who never found a boy band to join and I have the personality of a dude who quit a boy band when they told him he had to dance. I got into comedy because I tried to go to school for journalism, but they kept getting mad when I'd be more concerned with making the articles more funny than factual.

2. How would you describe your comedy style?

Ever seen a guy in a crowd who sees something wrong and starts looking around at everyone else like, "So is anyone gonna do something about this or are we just letting this happen?" Essentially, my show is like that dude finally speaking out in his safe space, which ironically, is just a different crowd of strangers.

3. Some comics hate doing shows in Miami. They say sometimes they shy away from their "smarter" jokes because they don't think they'll get big laughs. How do you feel about doing comedy in front of a Miami crowd versus other big cities?

Man that's a loaded question. Maybe Miami crowds can come off as less welcoming than others because no one believes they're really Miami Heat fans. Like the world knows y'all don't care about the Marlins, but maybe y'all took too much, dare I say, "heat" for liking basketball once Lebron came. And maybe now y'all get defensive when any outsiders come to town. I don't know why Miami is different, but to be fair, I'm not sure half the city would even know who Dion Waiters is. 4. What's the worst experience you've had on stage?

The worst experience I've had onstage was when I was like a year into doing stand-up and I was performing in an all black room. I told one joke and this one dude complained VERY loud that I was, "One of them smart n*ggas" and the whole crowd laughed and I was just stuck onstage confused like, did he just insult me with a compliment?

5. How do you develop your material?

I just write what I think, grab my nuts, say it out loud and let a magic 8-ball tell me if I should say it in front of people. But that's how everyone does it, right?

6. You were part of Kevin Hart's Comedy Central Show "Hart of the City". How was that?

It was great. I mean let's be real. Getting to do anything with Kevin Hart, at this point, is an honor. Except a threesome. I'm thinking that'd just be weird. But to be fair, he hasn't asked me yet so I don't really know. Is he paying me? How much money do I already have when he's asking me? You know what, I'll just say the show was fun.

7. Do you have any favorite comics?

Of course X-Men is great, Blade, Spawn, Dave Chapelle's great too, but mostly the X-Men.

8. If you could meet any person, living or dead, who would it be & why?

Naomi Russel probably. I'd be like, "You know 16-year-old me was gonna learn to talk to girls and actually develop some social skills, but then he saw you and was like, I think I'm gonna just chill at home for the night, every night." So I'd probably just like to thank her for helping me stay weird long enough to think maybe I'm not the ladies guy. Maybe I'm the comedy guy.

9. What can fans expect from you if they come to Saturday night's show in the Gables?

They can expect me to be there and after that I'm not making any predictions. I think it's bad luck to. I'm just gonna have fun with everyone. But if someone calls me a "Smart N*gga" during the show, I'm probably gonna pee on him and get World Star famous for a day.

See J.B. Ball on Saturday, March 18th, at Open Stage Club in Coral Gables. Click here for tickets!


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